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Section 1: Picture and History

A civilized business mans' Maserati was launched by newly empowered Maserati chief, Alejandro de Tomaso, and his design staff. To keep pace with the more sophisticated man of the day and to compete with other marques like Mercedes and BMW, it was essential to de Tomaso that there was an Italian option of like production and style. 

Presented first in 1976 (see sales leaflet)  the Quattroporte III (AM 130) was made available with 4.2 liter V8 @ 90 (255 bhp @ 6000 rpm) and 4.9 liter V8 options (280 bhp @ 5800 rpm ) that allow a top speed @ 250 Km/h (Compression ratio 8.5:1, 93.9x89/4930.6 cc Equipped with 4 Weber 42 DCNF).  The distinguishing characteristic of the vehicle was its lavish interior. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro here is the real production figure (thanks to W. Schmidt)

bulletThere were 1876 QIII's produced between 1979 and 1988
bulletThere were 1821 which were Standard 4portes, if you can call a completely hand built car 'Standard', which were manufactured between 1979 and 1984.
bulletThe remaining 55 cars were all Royales and were manufactured between late 1984 and 1988, these were the $80,000 cars that were built to order only.
bulletThe Quattroporte III marked the last of the hand-built Italian cars for specialized markets.
bulletAll exterior joints and seams were filled to give a seamless appearance.  This makes for a sleek and clean finish, but could be a nightmare when replacing panels or aligning/rehanging doors

The Quattroporte III offered restrained, understated styling by Ital design and a luxurious interior to cocoon its wealthy occupants. The Quattroporte III remained in production until 1983

See also Resin Kit page.

Section 2: Specifications

Alignment specifications (Quattroporte 1979-1985)

Front minimum   best  Maximum
Castor angle left  330 330 400
Castor angle right 300' 330' 400'
Camber angle left 015 023 030
Camber angle right 015 023 030
Global Wheel alignment  -027 -023 -019
Steering axis inclination   800  
Rear minimum   best  Maximum
Camber angle Left -030 015 100
Camber angle right -030 015 100
Global Wheel alignment  -027 -018 -009


Section 3: Tips and Tricks

bulletPrice: around 10.000
bulletFuel consumption: Regular, MPG (city), 8, MPG (highway), 10, MPG (combined),9

Section 4 Technical

Part interchange list

Maserati part # and / or designation Replacement part # / manufacturer / designation
Automatic transmission drawing (the transmission is a Chrysler Torqueflite) Download .pdf Here, FREE ! Thanks Ron =)


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