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Section 1: Picture and History


Maserati Quattroporte (tipo 130) equipped with hydro pneumatic suspension, fully powered brakes and DIRAVI, this car was pure CitroŽn apart from the engine (Equipped with the Merak/Citroen SM 3-liter V-6 engine) and styling. The layout of the major components is identical to the CitroŽn SM introduced in 1972. Equipped with 3 Weber 42 DCNF, the engine was able to run the car up to 200 Km/h (Compression ratio 8.8:1,  91.6x75 / 2965.4 cc). It was the same engine as the Mexico. The QP II project was put on the back burner during the oil crisis of 1975 and ultimately killed by the new De Tomaso management in 1977.

The QP II where introduced at the Geneva show in 1970. This first year of the Citroen era was a disaster, mainly due to strikes (Only 594 cars where built instead of 733).

Section 2: Specifications

Number built 13
Production Period: from fall 1974 to 1975/1977
Engine Type: 2965 ccm, 190 hp V6 engine, four camshafts, three twin carburettors. Also available with 4719 cm3 engine /290 Bhp and 245 km/h top speed ?
Engine Output: 210 bhp
Weights 1600 Kg
gearbox Manual or automatic (Borg-Warner) 
Suspension hydropneumatic suspension
Length  5130 mm
Designed by  Nuccio Bertone
Top Speed 200 KM/h


Section 3: Tips and Tricks

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