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La Maserati

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Section 1: Picture and History

Made after 1998 when factory in Modena reopened with Ferrari/Maserati staff and executive.

An Evoluzione version has always that name with badges on the car. Evoluzione also have a lot of differences in and outside the car, too mush to name (as far as I know around 480 changes where made).

Section 2: Specifications

Main difference between a Regular quattroporte IV and the Evoluzione version.

 Rear mirrors, wiper blades, radiator, rims, steering wheel, ext temp indicator place (now under the stereo), 17' inches wheel, no analog clock (replaced by a trident), cylinder heads, crankshaft, pistons, ball bearing turbo, new Hi-Fi system. New 16 inch eight spoke alloy wheels, with 17 inch wheels available as an option, were now fitted to the entire range a standard equipment.

Darker interior wood, different type of button for windows and AC control, different front armrest (now with only one compartment), new design of the dashboard (more electronic also i.e. the turbocharger boost indicator), seat mechanical part and control buttons, size and type of the logo on the trunk, lock system of the glove compartment, new rear seat carpet,  new front door water seal,  2 airbags instead of one, no blow off valve, in the V6 Maserati use the water tank and steering wheel fluid tank of the V8, new alternator type and ancillary belt, new ABS (still from bosch), new fuel line, now you have some space to put your finger and open the trunk =), V6 use the V8 air filters, new wiring (at least in the engine compartment), oil stick....

Section 3: Tips and Tricks

bulletStill the same thrust bearing noise in idle mode: nothing to do ?

Section 4 Technical

Delta list between regular Quattroporte and Evoluzione Quattroporte: See specifications. Also see picture gallery.

Part interchange list

Maserati part # and / or designation Replacement part # / manufacturer / designation

How to...

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